First pics of car with No Mods

So after all the drama of actually picking up my new BMW M3 E90, I thought I’d take some snaps as its a sunny day! Also for a┬árecord of the car in its original state before I start getting some of the Mods I’ve been planning to get.

As it stands I want to definitely get a louder exhaust. The V8 sounds amazing but you have to be gunning it to really hear that classic V8 grunt! Just driving around normally (which I’ve yet to do lol) its very quiet which makes for a great daily driver but I like the head turn affect so a nice idle/low rev sounds would be great to have.

As I ┬ámentioned in my first post, the E90 has the one of a kind s65 v8 engine only ever made for this series of M3s (E90, E92, E93). This is a “High Revving” engine with peak RPM being at 8,500. Anything above 7,000 and the car sounds brutal. At low revs though its relatively quiet apart from cold start-up the car sounds mental for the first minute or so while the automatic choke it engaged.

So I’m going to have a look at exhausts definitely and possibly doing away with some of that chrome. Not a big fan of that chrome kidney grille and the white spoiler also looks quite tame, the same as you see on the regular 3 series sports models. I’m not sure on the alloys. I love the diamond cut, the mirror finish is really nice but I’ve seen a the competition pack on the E92 which features black alloys and the carbon roof. That white/black contrast package does look really nice. Unfortunately this not available on the E90 which is disappointing as they are available on the new M3 saloon (see pic below).

A lovely motor but way out of my budget so back to my M3! What else? The only other thing I can think of right now is maybe lowering the car. I had this done previously with my E46 330 ci sport and it looks much meaner so we shall see!


3 Series, M3


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