Nath B

The Crown is finally here

So my car arrived on the 21st July 2017, i was like a kid a Christmas the night before, i planned to leave nice and early on the 21st to miss all the traffic and so i could see the car i’ve waited over 3 months for.

When i arrived it was exactly as i expected it to be – dirty but gangster as hell. The presence this car has just sitting still is what attracted me to it in the first place.

When we eventually got it started (battery dead as a dodo) the noise gave me sensations in my pants. I’m in love with the noise these JZ engines make.

It had a misfire on boost so i put new plugs in it, that helped but didn’t eradicate it so i bought some SureFire coilpacks, they had been made faulty so i had to bodge it to get me to Scotland, which was happening 4 days after the car arrived.

The journey didnt go to plan and was very eventful, but thats a story for another time.

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