First mods …lots of carbon …and a deposit!

First real modifications on the car!

I first used M Style (part of the AutoEnhance group) who are based in Romford, on my old silver BMW 330 about 10 years ago when I had M Sports body kit added to that car along with the M sport wheels. So I knew they were a decent and reliable company to work with.

My first initial modifications I wanted were more bugbears: the yellowish daytime running lights looked dated with all the nice bright white light daytime running lights seen on newer vehicles so when I saw M Style offered the conversion I had to do that. Also on the BMW newer M3/M4/M5 s and even on the BMW range M sport models I noticed their calipers where all blue however on my M3 they were a very boring plain metal finish so I had the calipers refinished in blue.

Finally the white spoiler seemed a bit tame for an M3 and was barely noticeable, that had to go and be replaced by something a little more exciting without being over the top – a carbon fibre racing spoiler!

Mod summary:

  • High power Xenon HID Angel eye conversion
  • Calipers refinished in blue
  • Carbon fibre side vents
  • Carbon fibre bonnet vents
  • Genuine BMW M Carbon Fibre racing spoiler

I’ve also been looking into exhausts. The standard exhaust on the stock E90 M3 is just too tame, you barely here anything unless you’re really motoring at higher speeds and then its that mighty V8 making its incredible sound not much from the standard exhaust. I wanted something special, not ear piercing constantly but something noticeable. I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos on E90/92/93’s that have various exhaust systems on and was keen on both Eisenmann and Akrapovic. I settled with Eisenmann as the price was very reasonable and had another decision to make on whether I should go for the sport or race version.

The guys at AutoEnhance said I might be a bit disappointed with the sport version as its more of a subtle increase in sound and as these are custom made to order you can’t change you mind afterwards so I agreed that I definitely didn’t want to be disappointed and decided the Eisenmann race!

Only problem is I now have to wait 6 weeks to get it… can’t wait!!!



3 Series, M3



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