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BMW 3 Series, M3

I’ve always been into German cars, and this is my 8th BMW and my first M model! I was interested in both the M3 Coupe E46, partly because I previously owned an E46 330 and also currently owned another in a different colour and I had always aspired to own what is now considered to be the iconic M3. I also loved the newer V8 E92/93 models but I thought they would be over my budget.

However, having 3 kids meant the newer E92 was not an option due to having just 2 seats in the back which I wasn’t aware of until I started looking as the E46 Coupe’s have 3 seats in the back.  I didn’t really like the thought of a 4 door M3 (even though I’d never actually seen one) partly because I wasn’t keen on the E90 3 series saloons so I was leaning towards the E60 M5 V10 which is also now considered to be a classic! It wasn’t until I actually saw the rare v8 E90 BMW M3, which shares the front styling of the M3 Coupe, learned about its game changing Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) and after seeing it and driving it I was sold! I also now love the fact its very rare, and I’ve only seen 4 others out and about on the roads since I first bought the car!

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Model3 Series, M3
Year of Manufacture2010
Cylinder Capacity4.0
Fuel TypePetrol
Number of Doors4


Stock Now
0 - 604.7 sWaiting to be Dyno tested s
Top Speed155 (Factory Limited) mphWaiting to be Dyno tested mph
BHP420 bhp625 bhp
Torque295 lb/ft410 lb/ft

2 responses to “M3 RPM”

  1. ns says:

    Beautiful looking M3, one of the nicest examples of an E90 I have ever seen.

  2. Kevmacbmw says:

    Lovely looking motor. I’m thinking about getting an M3. That’s some serious BHP ?

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