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So here is the first of my cars i’d like to share, its currently on its way over from Japan (due 19th July 2017 – 32 days away but who’s counting) its not something you’ll see in the UK, especially with manual transmission.

The car itself is a 2003 Toyota Crown Athlete V (JZS-171), they’re only available in Japan, as a big luxury cruiser, with Toyota’s renowned JZ series engine, its a 1JZ-GTE straight six 2.5 turbo. These cars were only available in Auto trans but a little Japanese man thought it would be better with a 5 speed manual, i love that man.

My plans are to drift the car, its a big old bus but that’s what i like.

I bought the YE51 JZE reg to read YES 1JZE because i’m sad like that.

I’ll update this as i get the car and start doing things to it, but for now, i’ll just upload some images of it sitting at the port Nagoya.



4 responses to “YE5 1JZE”

  1. ns says:

    Sounds amazing, you got anymore photos?

  2. plexi says:

    Looks awesome! What’s the power?

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