Mr C Remapping

Mr C Remapping


Release your cars true potential!

At Mr C Remapping, we aim to release your car’s true potential by increasing power and torque by up to 35%. However, what many people look for are improvements to their fuel economy, in most cases, still with some power gains. We could improve your average MPG by up to 25%, depending on your vehicle, which translates into a huge yearly saving.

Working in partnership with Black Code, a leading market provider, who write bespoke maps specific to your vehicle. WE NEVER USE GENERIC MAPS!

I am a husband and father with a huge passion for cars. I have always been interested in tinkering and exploring the make up of my cars. So when the opportunity to work in partnership with Black Code came along (having seen them reviewed in Top Gear Magazine before), I jumped at the chance.

So I thought that the time was right to start up my own remapping business, and here I am!

Cars we've worked on


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